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I’ve never seen a drawing book that’s good.

I haven’t had a friend who couldn’t draw. But my drawing isn’t very good, it’s kind of ugly and messy.

If you draw, and people have children, I really dislike that I can’t draw their drawings either. They may well be able to do them, because a lot of my younger friends are good too, but I wouldn’t want to show them pictures that just kind of look like I’m painting. They have to show me what’s on the paper.

You’re drawing your parents?

Yes. They’re always drawing. I am in awe of them. They’ve got a lot of knowledge and so on and so forth. They live at an old lady’s house I think. And that’s what they do most of the time.

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I haven’t known any people who can do that. I don’t draw as well as I used to. But I don’t mind being a little rusty and needing to work on my stuff.

Wouldn’t you like to be a teacher because you know everything so well?

No, because I’ve always wanted to draw more than I want to teach and have students and have parents and all that. In fact, I’ve got a few more books as a result of this interview that I would like to have published. But teaching is very unlikely to happen.

Do you have a hobby shop in which you sell things?

No, I have a store in which I sell a small selection of stuff like paper mache, stamps, drawings, and stuff like that. A couple of months ago I got into a bit of some trouble when all my mail went missing. My parents called a lot of people to come round and check on things, but it was kind of hard getting people.

But my stuff looks very popular with my friends and in my shop. I’m trying to sell some more stuff there, though. I hope to get some more jobs.

I understand you live with Mr and Mrs Hales in Edinburgh, but are you still a landlord?

No, I am not a landlord, although I am going about that. There’s a couple of people who live in my flat, which I’m trying to rent out.

What’s your favourite thing to draw? I’m thinking of my parents, of course. I like the birds, the flowers, and I really like the clouds and the stars

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