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I know how to draw well but there is something missing.

Kazuto: How else do you want me to do it? I wanted to draw all the characters from the game I’ve been playing. But no, there isn’t anyone good at that. Why are all of you people so good at drawing? That person is you, aren’t you?

Urayama: But no matter how hard I try it isn’t going to be me. What’s wrong, Kazuto-san? Do you want me to draw you?

Kazuto: No! This was a joke. Well, what am I supposed to draw to keep myself from crying…I don’t get it…

Nogizaka46: Is there anyone who doesn’t get what is on the line?

Kazuto: No…the main character from the “game” is not you. That’s right. He’s a figment of my imagination. And, there’s also someone on the stage who seems to have no special ability at all.

—The main character from the “game” is an illusion?

Kazuto: Yes! That’s right, the main character from the “game”. And, there’s an “Illusionist”.

—What is an “Illusionist”?

Kazuto: He- he’s one of the many “illusions” that exists in the world. He doesn’t exist! He’s the Illusionist of his own imagination! The Illusionist isn’t the main character from the game. He can be found in every school in the country in that country! He’s an illusion, just like you.

Nogizaka46: You do realize you’re talking about a game right, don’t you…?

Kazuto: Yes! I don’t get it, Nogizaka46! Are you saying that I’m different from the “game”?

Nogizaka46: That wouldn’t make sense to me. I’m sure I’m not the main character from the game. I’m an illusion—it’s not that different. It’s just that my character isn’t really who I think I am, so I can’t say it clearly. That’s why I’m a good illusionist that knows everything.

Kazuto: So then how are you an illusionist? Just a normal magician who’s in a game? Can’t you just tell me the

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