Can anyone be good at drawing?

I had really wanted to play card games at my school. At the time I wasn’t a competitive person. I was just there to learn a new hobby. So when I learned that the students played these games I was pretty excited.

As the years went by and I moved between college and university I learned about these wonderful cards. I tried to get involved in card games (I was good at playing them) but I was never able to get much interest out of it. Later I even started running tournaments for card games. However this all changed during my early 20’s. I realized that I really cared about building a good deck to beat people in fun games.

What were your early designs and what did your first competitive card game experience consist of?

I was good at playing cards during the early days of my cardschool. After getting my bachelor degree I decided that I wanted to take a step back and focus on learning how to make games. So I looked into how I could teach myself how to make games. I began developing a concept for a card and board game called “I’m Going Bananas”.

I’m not sure if you’ve played the game, but the concept involves two players, one of them, “The Bananaboy”. He can take bananas and throw them at his opponent. His banana cards don’t look very different so what sets them apart from a regular card is he can only have one banana per stack, and he has one turn to toss all his banana cards to the ground. I came up with this game with the idea of building a deck to get one player ahead of the other and winning that game.

I decided to start off with this game as my first competitive card game. I played the game with people in the club for the first two and a half months or so then moved on to something a bit more adult oriented. I never won a game and I never played it with all my buddies though.

The way this game works is that as your bananas are thrown, you have a set amount of time to throw them and throw another. When you can’t throw another banana that’s all game. You can get up and continue playing the game, or you can get up and stop playing. If you can’t throw another banana you lose a banana. You can’t play again until you’ve threw a full set. Your opponent keeps throwing new bananas at you and if you stay in the game until you’re out of bananas, you win