Can I learn painting online?

You could, if you’d like to use this program and the painting resources. The reason we’ve put up this page is to let you find out more about it, if that’s a concern for you. Also, we’ve included a number of links to painting and drawing books that might be useful. This is something I’ve also researched before, and I’m really glad that so many people are finding out about it through that.

I’m new to art and I’m curious how it’s all different from painting and drawing books, what should I start with?

Don’t be intimidated. If you’ve always enjoyed drawing or painting and you want to move on it’s actually the easy part! In fact, you can already start in a couple of different ways, all based on the lessons that have been covered in the video tutorials.

If you’re ready to start painting a canvas, start by following this painting book, “Drawing with a Pencil”, or the first lesson of “Drawing with Pencil and Surface”. It’s a great way to help you learn to create a canvas without having to purchase a whole bunch of equipment!

If you’re looking for a better way to learn to create landscapes or other kind of landscape images, you’ll want to try these online courses, “Painting a Landscape”, “Painting The Sky”, and “Painting the Moon, Mars and Beyond”.

If you have a little bit of time left after you’ve finished reading what you’ve already downloaded from this website, it’d be wise to start off with these online tutorials:

Why are some of the tutorials on this website only available on the web?

A number of different issues are being investigated at the moment which are why this website is only available in some countries, including in the Netherlands and Belgium.

All things considered though, we’re very pleased to give you an alternative to most of this website’s training materials.

What’s the best way to learn about drawing and painting using web videos and resources?

Start learning from websites and drawing and painting books by visiting the following links:

1. The Art of Drawing Online

2. The Art of Drawing: A Handbook PDF

3. How to Draw

Classes & Workshops — Natalie Voelker
4. A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing with Pencil and Ink

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