Can you be a self taught artist? – The Virtual Instructor Reviews

“No, but many things come with their own set of issues. It’s a very slow process and it was never planned for me to be a self taught artist. There were many factors that played into this decision, but one of the main ones was that it’s such a great hobby to have so many people in your life that you can ask for stuff and have people that are willing to help with that, and be as helpful as possible.

The biggest issue that I’ve now had to deal with was the time that I put into it. With every project it’s not for the faint of heart. Even with the music, there’s a certain amount of time you spend working on it that you just can’t keep track of. There are moments and places that you just cannot be in charge of and then there are other times where I will be in charge and I just get the most amazing flow of music, you have to have the energy to keep doing it.

So when I’m working on one song I look at it day and night and have a really deep conversation with myself about if this will work or if this won’t work for the next song. And it’s very hard at times. There’s times where I’m like, that’s the music and I cannot let anything stop me and I have to just keep it going.

You’ll often get asked if you want to work with a different DJ or producer. How does that work? What do the process of mixing with a different artist look like in the studio?

I don’t really do that now. When recording I just focus on the music and the lyrics. I don’t really listen to another artist as much as I did before because I was just trying to do one song at the time. I really didn’t play a lot of games. I always worked with one song for a few days to see if it worked.

Now that I’m working, I will listen to other songs and just go from one beat to the next. I’ll give it a bit of a thought for the next song and just do my best to do the best that I possibly can and make sure everything is on point with what I had in mind. I think when I mix people will see more of that and have more faith in the music being a result of me giving it my all, not just a one-up of my last track or any other song.

Are there any specific reasons that DJs and producers prefer working together

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