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I am lucky enough to have been introduced to tattooing through a tattoo artist and a friend of an artist. My first tattoo was probably at the age of 9 or 10 when I was first introduced to ink. I was drawing it with a Sharpie and just the thought of ink on flesh shocked me at the time.

What is tattooing and why should people get one?

The word tattoo is really simple and it tells me what I’m trying to say. It says that all humans are part of the same human family from our earliest forms right through to our most advanced technological beings all the way to aliens. We share the same DNA, so therefore we are also one and there is no room for differences or differences. Tattooing is an expression of that same spirit.

I like to combine the ancient art of tattooing with modern techniques and that’s why my line of work is called Art of Tattoos. It’s a fusion of my childhood and modern concepts. It is a way of expressing this idea of the family and my friend said ‘There’s no place for differences, we are all one people. There’s no place for discrimination’. I felt the spirit of my friend’s words and decided to take what I’ve learned and put to work for my customers. That’s why I chose tattooing and it’s why I decided on my name to be tattooed. I wanted to capture the idea of being part of the same family and having the same DNA to make my customers feel the same way.

How long have you been tattooing and what’s your best story to tell people about the process?

The process is such a personal and emotional experience and the quality of the art is really up to you. I’ve worked in a number of places both in and around London. It all started in a pub where, with an artist I wanted to find a way to express my love for tattooing. It was a great opportunity to be able to create work for people that were passionate about tattooing and I worked on a number of occasions with other artists at a number of different locations in London.

Once I decided to make my website and go global, it was time to start getting back to my home base of Tattoo Artists Gallery in East London. I was drawn to what I had learnt from others and decided to work in the studio to learn about new techniques and bring my own unique ideas to the table.

What advice can you offer tattooists and anyone going into

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