Can you draw without reference?

What would you draw if you saw a movie?

Carmichael: For years I looked at movie posters to help myself mentally get acquainted with the image. For the new album I wanted to get back to this mental model of drawing, and I began with a very simple drawing of a tree. I have a habit of looking in books on drawing to find a way past the familiar elements. I’m also really fascinated by the process of drawing an animal. The process of putting the animal together, and then seeing it drawn, inspires me.

How do you view the difference between an artist and a painter?

Carmichael: Artists are always trying to get a picture onto paper; while artists always draw. This is very different since a painter has a goal in mind when he begins to draw. That goal is to add to the image, which is what a painter does. In an era like this, it doesn’t make sense to say that the artist is “lazy” and the painter is “genius.” I feel that artists are working with their imagination all the time.

But what does it take to be a good artist compared to a good painter?

Carmichael: To have patience. I think you have to look beyond your style and see how the medium works together, and have patience to learn what works—just like a painter uses his ideas to get a more interesting picture. I have always thought, if I want my own pictures in some way to reflect those around me, then I just have to remember the things I do and how I do it, and learn from them.

That applies to everything, even from a young age?

Carmichael: Of course.

I would love to get to know all the members of the band, and hear more about what we’ve been up to since your debut album came out a few years ago.

Carmichael: Yes, we actually have been touring for a few months, and we have been making friends with each other as well as performing on a new tour with our new band. When I got back from our last round of shows, I saw that you had added some other people to the band as well.
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