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Yeah. The idea is to be an artist. I’m trying to get a job in the computer industry. So when I see art, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s cool. That was my way of making the world know who I am. I love it. I’ve been drawing for, like, a few years now.’ They’re always like, ‘Who are they? I can’t read their work.’ But I love that, actually. I’m like, ‘Okay, I can draw.’ Now I’ve got one of my own paintings of my daughter, and she’s drawing a picture of my son, which is the main thing I do when I’m on my computer. She says, ‘Dad, let’s go see the new Superman movie.’ Which is like my one of my main things to do when I’m doing this.

So what is the biggest piece of advice you would give to your son and daughter to get inspired by you?

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It’s never too late. You can be your own person when you’re older. If your mom is always like, ‘Hey, Mom,’ you can kind of like be your own person, too. You could be, like, that sweet old lady who doesn’t like you anymore, but you know? What, she doesn’t like that you’re a nerd? That you have all these funny hobbies? Just, like, your own way of being. Because you’re in control of yourself. You can do whatever you want. You just don’t have to follow what people think. That’s the best advice.

So no matter what, you can let you kids know you’re the coolest dude around?

They can like what they want to do. And the second thing is: Do it with a smile, because the world’s not going to give a shit about you.

You know, there’s something so funny about a guy who’s never heard of the word art, but then he meets a girl who loves art? It’s weird. It’s like, ‘Oh, so that’s the reason you’re into art.’ Because there’s a reason people like to enjoy things. So yeah, people like to enjoy art. But do not stop there.

And how does a guy like you get into art?

I do it at conventions: I get a lot of people wanting to have a conversation like, ‘Hey, this is who you are.’ And I will say, ‘Hi. I

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