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Are kids allowed to play with Legos?


Do I have to be on a team?


How do I get paid?

When you post a video, you will be paid per 20 views – $10 for first 20 views, $20 for each additional view.

Is there a chance of getting a grant?

Absolutely! You can apply to the NCSM Fellows Program by e-mailing the information below.

For many, summer school courses can be completed online ...
What is one of the greatest challenges for you as a photographer that you will face in your life?

I love being creative. I hope I can keep on making my videos, and make more good stuff.

Where do you like to go with your photography?

I have been inspired by all the people and things I meet along the road. It’s nice to photograph people not only in their homes or studios, but in interesting places around Boston.

Who will be in my personal video next?

As for my personal videos next year, I will love to share my passion with you in our video “Fame”.

Who is your favorite teacher?

I adore Mary Anne Smith, who has been helping me to learn since I was a young child. She is not only an amazing photographer and a really inspiring teacher, but she’s also a wonderful teacher and a really great friend.

Who do you wish to thank?

For those of you that have sent money to us in the past. This is my first time going to this amount. I know what I have been through and my family has been through. I could not expect these gifts if I had not helped others to feel like they are worth their sacrifices: for them, my family, and the city that will continue to support us. I want to thank those that have supported us here but also those that have been so understanding with my story. Thank you. Thank you for being patient. There are times when you don’t think too much about the people that are not as fortunate as you to have been raised in this community. They are not as well educated as yours, but their hearts are so full a story that is worth telling that will change their world. I need the strength of a community that understands me like I do them. This time is no different. It’s not for the faint of heart. I can’t tell you how lucky and humbled I feel to be

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