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Well, there are several ways to do this. The most effective ones are shown below. The other options are not, per se, recommended.

Method #1: Use a paintbrush to prime the background of the canvas. Using a paintbrush, paint the paintbrush onto the surface of the canvas. It’ll do so much to protect your paint in the future because it will get rubbed in as it does during use.

Method #2: Use a brush tool to brush the paint using a paintbrush onto the canvas. It’ll make the paint shine a little better – less chance that your paint will get rubbed on the canvas by the brush.

Method #3: Use a metal brush tool (or any other abrasive tool) to create an air-sealing effect. This works best for rough surfaces that will get rough with paint. After each coat or two, wipe off excess surface paint in the paintbrush.

Method #4: Use a paintbrush to paint the paintbrush onto the canvas. It’ll create a seal as it does with a paintbrush but without the air-sealing action. This way, you get to paint with your brush and your paintbrush doesn’t get brushed on!

It’s also possible to paint onto the canvas more than once if desired.

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