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This morning, the New York Times broke the news that the Trump administration will begin an unprecedented and rapid review of DACA that will include an attempt to rescind the program. While that is being called a “discontinuity,” it is really just a “trench” for the administration to try and drag out the legal process.

The NYT report provides a glimpse into the minds and policies of a team of individuals so far assembled to oversee the implementation of the DACA executive order and the implementation of the broader Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activities that follow it.

One of the key hires brought in this week is Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, author, and radio host:

He also came from the University of Michigan at a time when the federal government was actively considering the idea of deporting hundreds or thousands of foreign-born students and others from his native Detroit. He wanted to do something about it, but ultimately decided that “doing nothing was not an option,” he says.

Carson’s comments regarding immigrants are striking after news about his potential appointment to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was first reported.

Last year, Carson said, “if we have a government where you have government control of the gun and you have government control of the purseā€¦that’s fine.”

“But we don’t have a government. We have people who are the law-abiding citizens who have a right to own firearms, a right to bear arms,” Carson added.

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Fernando Torres is facing a four-game ban after being sent tumbling by Chelsea captain John Terry.

And manager Jose Mourinho says he is likely to be sidelined for weeks because of the severity of the injury.

The Spain striker picked up an ankle injury after picking up his third red card at Stamford Bridge last weekend.

Torres, 31, will be unable to play for either side in Thursday’s FA Cup semi-final second leg with Tottenham, while Terry, 53, has a muscular injury in his thigh.

Injuries of this magnitude often have long-term ramifications. In the case of Chelsea and Torres, Mourinho says the injury is more serious than first thought.

“It’s a serious injury,” said Mourinho. ”

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