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You get started with a good brush and use it to draw lines, edges and shadows, and then begin to paint as you go.

But you also don’t start with a brush. You start with a paint palette that includes paints for almost everything and a palette of mediums for the darkest areas. Then the brush moves into mediums and finishes in a paint palette.

Then you start working faster, picking up speed as you progress. This is how you learn to paint and your technique is the result.

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How do you learn to paint in colour?

You can still find that old black-and-orange paint and that red-and-black striped shirt, and you even may still get a glimpse at what he was going through before his death.

But now a man who once sat by Donald Trump during his Las Vegas press conference will speak out about what he saw as evidence of mental illness.

“I saw that man being punched, in full view of the whole world,” said Mark Dippin to KSNV. “His eyes were rolled back, it was like he was unconscious.”

“There was also something on the floor,” added Mike Janderson. “It looked like he didn’t quite have his jacket on.”

Dippin claims that he asked Trump in the middle of the presser whether he knew the man. Trump said he didn’t.

Trump’s response to Dippin isn’t what we would call truthful.

“That is a wonderful question.”

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Watch Now:

In her first comments about the Trump administration to be published, Hillary Clinton called the appointment of Steve Bannon as adviser to the president, and his alleged ties to white supremacist groups, racist.

“He’s basically running a white nationalist propaganda mill,” Clinton told SiriusXM’s Tom Shales last week, at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). She added that, “I thought it was really bad” when she realized the president’s chief strategist was in charge of what she called what she described as a “white nationalist propaganda mill.”

She continued, “I hope that people who are working for him and being hired by him, and who have his ear, who are making decisions for his administration—that they’re putting their best foot forward, but they aren’t putting anything that they believe comes from a racist or fascist or nationalist place of origin.”

Clinton said that Bannon’s appointment is

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