How do beginners learn to paint? – Online Drawing Classes For Kids

Where do they get it? For a beginner this is the question. But there is a lot going on in the background of how one gets started. I’ll briefly touch on this when I talk about starting the process.

A Beginner’s Paint Bucket

It used to be that in an American household the paint bucket was an indispensable tool in helping one learn to paint (or any profession) of any sort. I grew up with old water-filled paint buckets stuffed with brush and water. As a child I could paint with them. When I got really into painting for the first time it wasn’t just my painting or a hobby – it was something that I had been doing for my entire life. And it felt very natural to me to take on the chores that came with it.

As a young artist it became clear to me that painting – and any craft for that matter – could not be done by the same person over and over and over. That can only occur because the artist has learned from experience and it starts with the experience. When I had a bad day, I would walk up to a painter, ask “How do you make it so it’s so it stays that way?” and be given something that had something to do with the process that kept things better the next day. And for a beginner this should be easy – learn to practice.

“Practice is the best teacher; and where learning is the art of passing from one thing to another, it will be in those who have learned to sit still and learn to do nothing, until then they walk about as if walking about.” (Alphabet, c.1773)

As a beginner you don’t have to be very good at a craft to do it. You may be able to learn techniques, techniques, techniques on a first try or just by sitting in front of a paintbrush and going at it with no real direction and nothing really to back it up. For the vast majority of beginners, “practice is the way” isn’t going to work.

A Beginner’s Paint Bucket – Or a Good Little Paint Bucket?

When I was a young artist working in a painting studio I often was given paint buckets. Each paint bucket had a lid and I would have to fill it with paint – brush, water, whatever – all the while trying to figure out the best ways to use this little container. The more I used it the more I realized that even though it looked like it made an excellent painting container

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