How do beginners learn to paint? – Spray Paint Art Classes

I don’t have the solution but I like to tell beginner paint beginners to:

1. Take a look at the pictures on the website and start to think with the same ideas that the artist has. This starts a learning curve. Then when you see that one piece of a painting you like looks really good to you take a look at the “How to’s”.

2. Learn about paint history

3. The biggest question you will be asked in the beginner’s section and probably the one most confusing for more experienced users is: “How much does it cost?”. If you can understand this you are off the beaten track and you can do much more. You have heard a lot about the “How to’s” but do you know just the cost? In fact you should know at least the paint grade. That is how you get a good price estimate.

4. Have Fun. That will make you learn by doing and get you on the right track

5. Start with one or two pieces.

6. Start small.

7. Use brushes and thinners.
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8. Don’t be scared to ask for help. You don’t have to own a paint shop or get much experience. If you have questions send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

7) Don’t be afraid to ask for help when your trying to learn.

8) Have fun. That will make you learn by doing and get you on the right track.

Have fun 🙂

If you do your homework and want to learn to paint your hobby will turn out to be one of the biggest experiences of your lifetime. Here are some good resources:

A Beginner’s guide

7 Simple Paint Paint Guide

The Paint Shop, The Paint Shop and a Painter

9) Start at small scale:

The most important reason to start at the very beginning is that it gives you more opportunities to find what you enjoy about painting or you are more confident to start from scratch.

10) If you’re struggling it’s a good idea to visit a painting store before you buy a new painting brush. They will have better information on the brushes and paints and it’s always better to get help from a friend than from a painting shop. If something works better for you ask for a price quote and if it’s not possible you might want to consider

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