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This seems too easy! I am in the process of learning this very well. However I had a really hard time figuring out the right way to practice, and I ended up drawing too much. My drawings of a girl with a dog on the shoulder of her skirt, or a girl looking at an object, were more important to me than her drawing in other areas. It took time and practice to put a new way into my drawing.

Why do people love to draw? I would say, most importantly, it is a creative outlet. I can be a really skilled artist, or I can let a random thing draw itself out of my mind. For me, drawing is an extremely gratifying activity: even though it has been a long time, it feels like it was just yesterday! (In my experience, it has never been too long in my life.)

What advice would you give others trying to learn how to draw? My advice is to not be discouraged, but rather to continue drawing if you are willing to try harder. You get to see a new idea every so often and it always seems so strange, yet it becomes increasingly exciting the more practice you put in. If you find that you can’t draw a picture or can’t create a sketch in a given moment, then perhaps it is time to give up or work on something else with your hand.

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How do I become a good teacher? This is easy. Learn to draw the simplest type of subject. Learn to sketch the smallest amount of detail. Don’t worry too much about what is visible, if you can’t do that, you can’t teach. You can only show them a drawing. When you do your classes, always draw something they don’t have a chance to draw.

Why do some people enjoy drawing? It is a way of expressing emotion in a way that can’t be verbalized. I feel sad when I look at someone else’s drawing of me, I know it is a good expression of emotion. (Of course my face is shown too…but that’s the purpose of life).

Why do some people make a living from drawing? Most people do make a living, though I am not sure if this is how they do it. I have a number of friends who will do anything to make money from drawing. You can find them on the web or I have been known to call them up to see if they have an ad online or if they need help. (Some people draw full time too, they

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