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Here’s how to take a class

Online art classes are run by a community of volunteers who are trained to teach and demonstrate a wide variety of styles and techniques and help students improve their skills.

The students of online art classes are responsible for the content of their classes and they create the lesson plans they present on the class website that cover topics such as:

how to draw

how to paint

how to draw the characters of your own creations

how to create a portfolio

how to teach the art you’ve created

How is an online art class funded?

The fee to sign up varies according to the specific class you select but is generally between £6 and £9.

If you take a class with a fee that is higher than the £6 to £9 range, there may come a time when the class requires you to pay another fee up front. We suggest you check your class fee first before choosing the right course.
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How long is the course?

Most classes begin when the student has an interest in drawing. Classes can often be taught as long as there is enough time for them to be done.

After about two months of being in-class, the teacher will take over teaching. The class will normally include all the lessons described in your course and the teacher will help you work out the methods involved and build on previous experiences with online art.

What happens after I start my online art course?

Once you have started to learn online art classes, you’ll find yourself gradually building out your portfolio of artwork. While not every one of your drawings will stand out immediately, it is vital that you get to the stage where at least one or two are good enough to see you through to the finals.

You also need to find your preferred course to continue to improve your skills so that you can be competitive at future art contests. You will be given a timetable and should check this regularly so you don’t miss any days to create.

If you decide to go for the “traditional” style of online art classes with a fee, keep in mind that your gallery of artwork will also include the results of the “traditional” classes. These, if accepted, may not be published publicly. However, it is often possible to sell your finished art. These are usually for less than £10 each.

Finally, remember that your finished artwork does not need to have any previous art experience prior to the courses.

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