How do you develop a drawing style? – Art Lessons Online For Kids Free

A common way of developing an individual styles by drawing in different mediums.

Do you consider drawing in pen or ink your most important task?

Pen is one of the most useful tools I have to develop an approach. I always try to bring to mind the process when I want to develop this style with pen.

What are some things you have developed for the art form of photography or writing (such as compositions, subject, setting, etc.)?

If it can be a piece, I try to develop it in a specific way.

Do you have a photo or writing you consider a major landmark, work or influence; who is this image for?

What is the image for for me, and not just for others.

What are certain aspects of this form that you enjoy and are looking for in future collaborations?

I’m open to change, that works on many levels. So it’s important to ask others where they want to go and keep the same approach.

Does anyone contribute to your work, for free?

I don’t have a specific artist who contributes the more original pieces. There are lots of artists who are working on their own piece but also giving tips or suggestions. I like it because it gives me feedback on what work needs to be done.

If you had the opportunity to work with any notable talent what projects would you look to do first and work your way up the ladder?

Haha: I would like to meet a new artist and collaborate with him – to give him the chance to take his style and express it in the photo. In my view it’s very important to meet someone with an original approach and to have an active relationship with them so that they can have their say and shape the style for my style.

Do you find it useful to have a partner on your projects or do you feel you are independent when collaborating?

It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a group of friends collaborating with me. Sometimes it’s better to do my own thing or to be very self-sufficient.

How did your career take off?

When I was young I wanted to make a graphic art for a living and was looking for a job – that’s how I found out about the photography magazine ‘’, where I found my way into photoshoot photography and it started my journey into photography.

In your opinion what were the biggest successes

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