How do you develop a drawing style? – Online Art Lessons For Kids Free

I love art, it has brought me a lot of enjoyment throughout my life and so my style has only grown and improved over time. If your style is a bit different, you would not know if it was mine. I like to experiment and see what works best.

The drawings you do look very realistic and like you are just using clay for the skin, but I’m fairly certain that you’re getting a lot of the essence of your inspiration!

I am trying to do that! I have a great art style for my drawings! When I draw a character, I do have some creative elements in it. Some of the things are a little hard to put into words, but the art style suits it, but I have to work within the same limits as the story. That’s something I love about comics, that one is one of those things we can not predict until the last panel, or the character is dead.

Your characters all have special abilities and each has their own history, backstory and motivations. It’s clear that the creative process involves the development of people, even if their main objective is to get to the villain’s office. Are you able to draw inspiration from real world history and history itself?

No, I can’t draw inspiration from my history! I can draw inspiration from the world. I can draw inspiration from the characters from the books they love. I can learn a lot from the artists in the industry. It might take a while, but I hope to take some in the future too.

I think the world itself has a lot of different people on it. Not only has it been conquered through technology, but it has been conquered through technology itself. I think there are a lot of other worlds that we have never explored in movies, but I do hope to explore more of the real world. I hope to get to travel around the world as much as possible.

Since you are drawing characters from comics, I imagine that the majority of them don’t have a lot of history. What influences your character designs?

I try to design based on the characters I like. I would not design from the past or the future of the characters that I love, it is more down to their personality, they are more the personality than the age or sex… that is my style.

How would you say you differentiate your work from other artists who draw super-hero/supervillain type of characters, that is like Daredevil or The Avengers?

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