How do you develop a drawing style? – Sparketh

With any work, it’s something that you have to learn to recognize and use consciously. When I draw, I don’t always think, “How do I draw this?” Instead, I try to think about what I’m doing, and then develop an “art” style for that character. It’s not always obvious what the artist wants his style to look like, so I’ve found that the best way to develop an “art” style is to try to work the way I am drawn.

Do you have a particular style for your characters or ideas?

There is definitely a style you can identify with for each character. If I’m drawing some generic characters (for example, the superhero versions of myself), I definitely have a style for that; the same can be said for some other characters.

I don’t tend to draw “dark” (dark, realistic, etc.) characters, though. My “dark” characters are less “mainstream,” but still look nice. I think we all are looking for some type of style in our work.

Do you draw in black and white?

Not really. I don’t draw with a lot of color. I’m more of a “high contrast” artist, to the extent that I draw in pencil, then color in my digital art. For my digital art, I use Adobe Photoshop, for which I use Illustrator or Illustrator CS6 and CS7. Adobe Illustrator tends to have less color in the background, but I like it, it’s more accurate and less saturated.

For my ink-on-paper illustrations, I use InkToPaint.
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How have you changed or developed your style over the years?

It’s been a gradual process. I started as a very crude artist. As I got older, my process expanded, and I started to get a lot more confident in what I’m doing, so I can draw without worrying about what’s going to be on the page when I finish an illustration.

The first time I drew a comic was in 1983. I was a 20-year-old kid starting out. The first issue of a book I was drawing was the Superman one-shot, and I had to draw in all kinds of styles I wasn’t used to. It was tough, it was long, and I struggled for a while. So my style at first was very rough.

I started using my computer drawing program Mac Paint, but I used to

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