How do you develop a drawing style?

How about a writing style?

Sculpting is art. I’ve always had that in my mind as a kid: “Wow, sculpting is hard work, but art, it’s amazing.”

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Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

When I started working in comics, I would tell aspiring artists they better think before they write: They have a voice that only they have. If you write a bad story, you just look stupid; if you write a good story, the bad is the way it is, not how you wrote it. There are many mistakes writers make when they write. If you don’t get the writing right, you’re not going to impress the person reading your story.

If you want to get paid, don’t just want to do the same thing every day. Write. Write.

This one’s kind of funny, I’ve seen a similar one and it actually looked awesome. Now, not so much. I like the idea of a simple map to show the location of the main area of our adventure. A good idea, but probably not necessary to the outcome either way.

The Federal Railroad Administration is investigating why federal regulators haven’t taken action against the railroads that rail accidents have led to.

The FRA’s inspector general has sent a letter to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) that says Amtrak had made “inadvertent and insufficient changes to strengthen safety management processes.”

The letter adds that NTSB investigators have contacted about 11 railroads about the accident in Milwaukee of a BNSF train, causing about $400 million in damages for the railway.


The inspectors general note the NTSB has no authority to compel the railroads to take specific actions.

The letter was released in response to a lawsuit filed against the FRA and by the American Rail Safety Association, one of the groups working on an advisory group on rail safety reform, which is recommending “the use of train-based train-dispatch systems, enhanced technology, and the expansion of the system of inspections and oversight” for the railroads.

The NTSB is set to hold a hearing on the rail safety recommendations in August.

The lawsuit says that railroads could save $20 billion on railroads’ freight costs and make it more environmentally friendly to use technology.

This year, my favorite TV show is Breaking Bad. The show’s four-season run is the basis for the award-winning documentary series