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With each step you want to help you as a designer. So when you feel like you are struggling and don’t want to focus on any one thing and you might have a little bit of time left, give something else a try and try something different.

You should consider all the pieces in the order they are laid out on your page. You might find two or three things at once in this order, but you might also find that one of these or more will require you to rearrange elements.

If you are not satisfied with your work, try one thing from new and then move on to something else.
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3. Create your brand identity

Your brand identity should be one of the things that distinguishes your project from all others. Every app should have a little bit of a design that stands out.

To ensure that your brand identity will be noticed by the users you need a solid theme. The theme needs to be recognizable by users and you also need to be able to choose from a selection of different options to represent the themes of various genres (music, sports, travel, nature, etc.).

Creating your brand identity is no easy task. But to do it, you need a strong designer, some patience, and a good understanding of design concepts.

This tutorial comes with a free preview! You can check how simple and straightforward the process is and why this is a great way to learn new things.

You can even download the template that I gave you and start from scratch, but you will need to pay for it. You can get it free at the link below; but it takes time to build, and for that it’s a better idea to check it out first.

Here’s the link to the free preview template that I gave you, it will save you time, and also helps you to decide if what you’re working on is really what you want to build.

4. Develop a story that will fit your theme

It all starts with what your theme is, and what it takes to create it.

This takes about 4 months and we are already there! We are designing our first theme and we have some ideas of how we want to present we story of it.

In this article, I am going to give you my first draft story that explains what I am thinking and why.

5. Pick the right UI tool

If you ever find yourself thinking about your favorite comic book artist, think about a character

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