How do you draw an online course?

When do you do it? What should be included? How should the course information be presented? Why?

We are seeking course instructors for new online courses, as well as new online courses that are already online for public use (e.g., eBooks). You must pass the online portion of our assessment and an interview to be eligible. Courses will be added to the course directory to be ready for public availability as soon as possible, including the course instructor. Courses will be added to the public course list of courses currently available on this list as new ones become available.

Are there any limitations on the number of courses that can be enrolled in by a maximum of ten students?

The online portion of the assessment requires you to complete a review of current web content, including a review of the course descriptions for each course. We provide the online portion of the assessment to ensure the course description matches what is already on the course pages and is current with changes/new content. Please visit our assessment webpage and complete the online survey at the link that says “View our online assessment assessment”. In addition, each course has an assigned test. Test scores are used to determine online enrollment.

I have already taken the assessment, can I retake the test?

You are allowed to retake a previous assessment if you have previously taken the assessment in an attempt to obtain the certificate. However, your exam must be from within 24 to 36 months prior to the date this certificate is sought. The previous assessment must have taken place in your region within the four years prior to the application date.

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I missed the deadlines to apply for a certificate in 2014 – can I apply for a certificate in 2015?

Yes. We have created a new Application and Award Process, where we offer multiple ways to apply, including but not limited to taking exams and applying online. You may click here to complete and submit an application. Each application has an application fee, so you should make sure you have enough money to cover it and that are willing to wait a week before making your application. There are also new application deadlines for some courses, including new certificates in some degree pathways as well as degree completion degrees.

What if I am planning on taking an online course? How do I find out when the exam will take place?

We provide course details prior to the application date to help you determine a course that will fit your needs. As a reference, please see below the course schedule for the online portion of the assessment.