How do you start a canvas painting? – Types Of Portrait Drawing

First off, I’ll make sure I have a canvas with clear top, because it’s going to be one of the most difficult things you’ll do. Next I’ll want a nice thin grid. A thin grid is what allows the painter to get a good, uniform, consistent surface texture without having to make a lot of tiny details.

Now you know how to get started in your art studio.

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In a rare show of bipartisan unity, House lawmakers unanimously passed a spending bill Wednesday that funds the government for the month before a September deadline to raise the nation’s borrowing limit.

Lawmakers voted 218-212 for a package that included money for the U.S. Coast Guard and National Guard to help protect the U.S. coasts, funding to replenish the Army Reserve and pay federal workers. The bill, which funds the National Institutes of Health at $6.9 billion for FY 2016 and the National Institutes of Health, at $6.9 billion for FY 2017.


House Republicans and Democrats agreed to include $350 million for military personnel training, $100 million to support the National Border Patrol Council, $30 million to expand the program for border patrols and $80 million in funding to help state and local law enforcement agencies respond to major disasters.

A pair of new reports have uncovered surprising evidence of how a growing percentage of Republican-held districts in Texas don’t even allow LGBT people to join their ranks.

The Texas Tribune reports that while LGBT people aren’t allowed on a range of jobs and services—even for service dogs—the issue hasn’t stopped Republicans from using the issue to shore up support of their party. This year alone, the state’s Republican state house committee passed the anti-LGBTQ Religious Freedom bill; passed the controversial bathroom bill that would prohibit transgender state employees from choosing whichever bathroom matches their gender identity; and now, they’re pushing through a bill that would repeal local nondiscrimination laws, just to show their support for religious freedom.

Texas Senate Bill 6 was a response to the City of San Antonio’s efforts to add same-sex partnership benefits to their employer’s health insurance plan, and, as one critic put it, would have “forced an employee to violate their core religious beliefs on matters of gender identity.”

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HB6’s primary sponsor, Rob Bradford, a Republican member of the Texas House, has been

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