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We have many tutorials but some people have an innate intuition that is much stronger than what I have. I have had the idea for my paintings for a long time but no matter what I try it never goes well. One thing that I did was to create two paintings where I put something in the background to add a different perspective, as it were. For example, I painted this painting on a white ground where a few feet in to the picture from the top a small wooden door would have been painted, just to give a different perspective with the subject. I have also painted landscapes and portraits in this tradition where the lighting is added to the painting.

What’s the difference between traditional painting and modern painting? The main difference is that we have a tendency to paint from different angle and at different angle. Traditional painting is generally done on a large canvas which is very flexible and does not require a specific angle. Because of this we are able to create a wide range of images. I often paint in the wide angle for landscape scenes and in the close up for small, medium and large artworks.

What is the best way to achieve that wide variety? I often use several layers when painting large areas, for example, an area over two metres across. When trying to paint with a few, I often work in a similar manner, where I use a mixture of water, oil and acrylic paints over the top of the colour of a very dark palette or other paints which will be more opaque. For large areas I also sometimes work in a similar way to painting with oil paints on a flat surface, for example to create textures in the background.

What is the best way to paint with oil paints? I often use two layers instead of one, as this makes it easier to see the brushstrokes, especially when looking at the canvas which has been lightly sprayed in various colours.

What are the best oils for painting large areas over two metres across and two metres over two metres, for example, or an area of two to three metres in diameter? I find it helps me see that more clearly in large areas because I have a lot more paint on this canvas. Also, because I use oil, and sometimes acrylic paints it is possible to see the brush strokes which allow you to learn the difference between different paints.

What are the best oils to use on the canvas, for example to create large areas? If there is only a few brushes on a canvas, it is the best solution. Also, when painting medium

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