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The first step is to make sure what you’re working on is of interest to the viewer in some way. A simple painting is a fine starting point, even if you’re using oil and it doesn’t come from art history.

The next step is to make sure something is clear, and this is the first thing we need to try to get right. This is a very simple guideline, but it’s hard to do without some sort of lighting. This is one of the reasons a dark room helps, it gets rid of distractions in the area of light. As we said before, we don’t need large volumes of light, just some.
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A second thing we will want to get right is to create a sense of space. This isn’t as easy as just putting a light up in one spot, as we’ll see later we do need a lot of light. We don’t want to hide anything, and that takes time. A good example of this is that on a photo you’ve probably painted, you want to make the image look like it’s floating and not directly in front of something. A good image for this is a photo taken directly from the set. Look carefully at the horizon, it’s perfectly vertical and the perspective is great.

Here we’ve painted the light up, it’s looking out the window, and it’s not hiding anything.

Moving onto things to avoid as an obstacle later on, we can eliminate the elements that block the paint-down process of painting. Painting a room is very different than painting a car and many of the things we’ll be trying to get rid of early on in the process are things that have some direct relation to that process, like windows and doors. The two key elements to getting rid of will be the doors.

Let’s start with the easiest, one of the first things we’re going to do is to light up or even cover the doors. By now you may already be wondering what I’m referring to, the light coming from the other side – whether it’s your door or your windows.

The answer to this is the door frames. They’re actually kind of complicated. You may think they look simple, but look closely and you’ll see they have a certain amount of complexity. Before I got into the subject of doors, I should probably point out the importance of lighting. Lighting isn’t enough; we still have to control the light.

I was on the set for the shot where I painted the light. The

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