How do you start off a painting?

Well, I start off by taking the palette, the palette I use for the photographs and the photographs I took before. You do the photograph of the house, so that’s the foundation that the room is built on. So, from there I’ll look at a painting.

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You do a lot of oil on canvas work…


So how do you start?

When I am making prints, when I make paintings, the process is very clear. I’ll go around the table, I’ll take a picture. Then I’ll take a picture of my brush on a paper and I’ll get the outline of that brush in my painting. As soon as I’ve done the first one, I’ll then take another and after a couple of drawings, I can start working on the last two. By the time I see one, I know it’s done. I’m not there yet to feel the connection of it to myself. Once I finish it, it’s a very easy process, a nice feeling, with the tools that I have available to me. I don’t have to worry about too much.

Have you ever made art in print?

Yes, I’ve made some prints, but I have made so many prints, I just don’t know what they are! In fact, if it makes any sense to you, there are five or ten different types of printers you can have with you. My printers that I use are, first of all, these kind of little box like things. I want them to be very light and strong so I can use an ink that’s kind of light. And, on top of that, I need that inks to be very strong and water-based, so I want to use something that’s really thick and not too weak. Then I put my own kind of pigment on top. So we’ve got a mixture that has a lot of pigment and also the thinest we can get. It’s not a thick and heavy one. And finally I kind of get some water on it and then I set it up the way I want it. So, if anyone asks me what I did and I don’t know, I’ll just say something like, like, “I went to the museum in New York for a show I’m working on.” I take a picture and I put a watermark onto it to show that the picture was a print in a gallery or a museum. This way, I can tell who made it.