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The answer is about twenty hours. The first time you start drawing, the mind, at first, takes you by surprise. It’s hard, in part, because your brain is very good at learning a skill. But it’s not so bad that you can’t do everything in less than twenty hours without much effort. It’s a skill that’s learned over time and the first time you have it, you know you can do it, at least in a reasonable amount of time.

How do you practice drawing at home? Draw lots of things and let the images flow. Practice at home with pencils, markers, or a paintbrush and practice drawing.

I’m a beginner when it comes to drawing at home, but there are a few things that I can do to help take my skill up a notch. First, I’ll practice on a large canvas, like this, which has a lot of space and plenty of room for practice. Second, I’ll learn how to use a paintbrush and how to hold it when I draw, and a few days later, all of that will come into play. Third, if I’m in an area not known for artists, I’ll use ink that’s available in the local art store.

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One of my favorite techniques to learn is how to “fool.” In my opinion, the greatest trick to learn in drawing is to “fool” yourself. Take it easy on yourself, keep your eyes open and if you’ve got a blank area on a page, start drawing a little. Then when you think you got it, take a look. If there are still features missing, keep looking until you understand that your drawing is incomplete. Then you get the idea.

If you’ve got to practice in a big space, or at times your studio area, I’d suggest starting in a light box or on a flat surface using a piece of poster board.

You also might not be a beginner when it comes to photography, but I always take notes while shooting. A few days later, I’ll edit the photos using Lightroom.

When it comes to reading, I find that the only way to develop great writing skills is through reading and reading as much as possible. That goes double for writing about art.

That being said, I’ve gotten better about putting together my own art books. I’ve published one about my love of art and another about what I believe is the ideal lifestyle for artists.

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