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The main point of this debate is on a subjective level — not on the philosophical level.

I prefer the second interpretation. I love art.

I would definitely make a change in my personality if I ever changed from being an artist to doing something else.

I prefer it if you don’t give me what I feel is my reason for having a particular career path. I don’t need your permission to be artist. I am just a fellow human, whose art I enjoy. That said, I’m glad I got to work as an artist.

The issue is not so much how you have a job and your career path. In fact, it doesn’t even matter. My motivation, rather, is how much satisfaction I get from doing what I do. I’m not going to say my motivation is to have great personal satisfaction. If it is, I would be lying to you. I’m not going to have it. In fact, I think that it’s probably quite the opposite.

Do you have the same ambition for your art?

I don’t see how it is. I guess the reason I’m very busy is that, while it feels good to make work, it feels bad to sit there and complain about nothing.

Can you give me one example?

I remember at one point I had these drawings that I had done for a group I was in. I did them very quickly. I was really, really into them. I sat down and went, “Oh, shit, what am I going to do with them?” They had been printed on these high quality paper plates. That was a nightmare. So I made these tiny little prints and the next thing I know I’m in meetings, and I’m like, “I’m done with this!” But that really just felt bad. I didn’t want to do it after that, because I was like, “How dare I give up this great opportunity without trying?”

In contrast, I’m a total perfectionist. I’m an absolute perfectionist. And I do everything I can to make this work, and it doesn’t matter what it’s like — it’s my own creation. Sometimes I’m like, “Oh, these aren’t working. This is not right.”
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What do you mean, you’re an absolute perfectionist?

Well, I mean, I will, you know, sit down and do it for 10 hours. And as soon as I finish, I

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