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The main point of this article is to say this:

Even “the best” players don’t need to use such huge tools. This is a case of what’s a talent for me and for you depends on your needs.

That said, I do think it’s good practice to draw some ideas on the board and have players select the best ones.

How to use such tools like this is a big debate on playing online poker, where the skill level of players is generally lower. If you want to know more about poker skill level, you should read this, and this.

The most common question about how to pick which cards are bad for you is – “What should you keep for the long run?” This is really complex, and I’m still not sure if it’s possible to draw a true answer right now.

Of course, you should hold cards that are bad for you for as long as you can play these cards. But, in my opinion, there’s still quite a bit of room between “play all the cards that are bad” and “play all 10 good cards”. You may play good cards every now and then, and get them in the right situations, but for the general case, it’s generally ok to keep this.

To sum up the main points of this article, I’ve taken my best advice, and that’s to hold only good cards.


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