Is it too late to learn to draw?

A few years ago our son had a great lesson at school, drawing with his fingers and a ball point pen. It was so easy and fun, and we loved it. One month later, he asked for a pencil, as he always wanted to know which one was his favourite and which to use and he had found it; the one that was a permanent fixture in the fridge. A month later, he asked for a pen, as another week later, he asked for that and so on and so on. He would play with one thing (pencils) and never pick up anything else because he has always wanted to be able to use two shapes simultaneously. He is 14, with a perfect colour profile, which means you can see his very strong preferences and his strong creativity. I also love being able to offer creative advice to students, whether this is for the purpose of learning new and inspiring ways to express one’s ideas or simply providing a tool for exploring those ideas that one has already found meaningful.
Matt Fussell (@MattFussell) | Twitter

A little about me

I have been a teacher for over a decade, working in the schools I have studied for over that time. Currently, I teach an Advanced Drawing Group of 30, and I believe it should be expanded to include more advanced classes. If that is not possible, then I’m able to offer a range of drawing groups in the UK and Ireland to students of all ages. I also teach a drawing school, and run an annual drawing workshop for children aged 9 and 10. In my spare time, I enjoy playing bridge, playing chess, swimming and playing the guitar.

What I do

I make art that draws people in my classrooms, which is often done in a collaborative, creative, playful way. The artwork is usually made using a variety of paints, pencils and markers. I use this as a means to engage the children in an interactive way. This process is similar to using chalk, erasers and drawing on paper, and I like to give children ideas in the form of games along with a variety of shapes and patterns so they are engaged and challenged. However, there is no need to draw all of the things in this picture, just use what you do have. I make drawings that are designed in such a way that they are appealing and easy for the child to understand and enjoy. This often includes drawing on areas that the child would never want to draw in any other way, such as the edges. One of my main objectives is to have every child be involved in the