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Learn to draw your pet and find other friends you like to play with.

If you are struggling with drawing, there are a variety of websites devoted to drawing lessons. Here are some resources that may help

Some of the websites that you may find helpful for learning

Drawing Your Pet

A puppy drawing course.

The Puppy Art Foundation (PAF). An ongoing educational web series.

Here are some of my favorite sites for puppy drawing classes:

This is a video tutorial on how to draw a puppy.

Click on the image to download the MP4 file

This is a video tutorial on how to draw a cat.

Click on the image to download the MP4 file

Dog drawings is dedicated to the hobby of drawing and has been in operation since 1993.

Click on the image to download the MP4 file

The best place to learn drawing in dogs is a forum that hosts several dog drawing classes for the whole family

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This site provides lots of fun drawings. I found a lot of inspiration, which resulted in this page of drawings by Katelyn and others (thanks!)

And this is a good drawing for a young child.

This is a cute drawing in a little ball that I enjoyed a lot.

I love what’s above.

This is just a simple dog drawing that I did.

Check out the site,

Here are my favorites for drawing other animals.

This is a puppy drawing using the “bouncy style.”

This is a simple drawing in the style of the cartoon character “Pinky.”

This cute drawing also demonstrates the “bouncy style.”

This is a cartoon drawing with some playful animals.

These are a bunch of cute puppies that I made.

See my drawing at 1:10 for one of the cats!

This is my little dog drawing that uses the “grouchy” style.

When I first started drawing dogs, it was hard to find any sort of web site for dogs.

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