Is it too late to learn to draw?

“The most famous drawing in the world belongs to Alexander Calder, his works in the Library of Congress are in great demand. He has an absolutely amazing drawing of a man hanging from a chimney on his painting “Argentinian Prisoner”. This painting is not a picture of a prisoner. It is a portrait of Calder himself. He has been executed for his art. If I can learn to draw, I will have got an excellent place in the world.
Children's Classes — Shenandoah Valley Art Center

“What would you do if you could travel the world?

“I am not so old yet that I could travel at will. I have a great deal to learn at once but not so much as I should like. But there is a chance that you will go to the United States for a year or two or three and I could take you round the United States.

I love to hear about our children.

“Well, I am quite young, a few years old and my wife is almost at the end.

“Do you think you can play chess?

“I don’t go out every morning, but I am sure I could win.

“What about drawing? Can you draw more than one picture? You seem very good, aren’t you? I thought you were quite good.

“So I believe it is the case. You have got to learn to draw by heart.

“Can you stand the pressure or can’t you stand it?

“I don’t know, I have been told by my doctor to keep off the painkillers that would lessen it, but I suppose I wouldn’t mind.

“I have had a very long, pleasant visit from Mr. Brown recently. Mr. Brown had asked me about my health and whether I was as lively as I used to be.

“I can assure you that I am very lively now. I feel like a little boy again. I suppose it was all a dream from the beginning of the world. But now I do feel as if I had really lived in a different place. I am really glad of it.

“Would that you could see us so often!

“Well, if Mr. Brown came every day I would get used to him and not mind him so much in the morning as I do now.

“Can you understand anything in the world?

“I can understand simple things and many more complex things. I am very good at knowing which pictures