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What other art skills should anyone learn before they start painting?

First, have a clear understanding of composition. You need to know how to apply perspective. It can be anything. The main thing you have to know is how to look at a model, and that’s it. The rest of the art skills will come naturally once you start painting. That’s the best way to learn!

What are some of the things most people tend to forget about before starting a picture?

Too many things! When I started, I didn’t know how to use my left hand. I couldn’t even draw. I wasn’t even painting for myself. I was just learning to draw. When I started painting, my hands were like this. A picture without a hand was a picture with a finger. That’s why I don’t paint hand drawn things… I just see things as it is. I don’t worry about what I should do with my hands or where they should be. Now I realize that drawing is the key point and when learning to do it, all you have to do is learn how to paint.

How did you become a professional portrait photographer?

My wife’s mom was a portrait photography teacher in Italy. She taught me everything from how to look at things to how to draw faces. She took me to Paris to work and she introduced me to every portrait photography studio.

What did her mom teach you?

Everything! My mom taught me everything! But she helped me the most with the first step: how to look at faces. She taught me everything she had learned in Italy and France, how to take a picture with your eyes closed, how to compose the subject and to learn every single tool in the trade…

Have you ever been to the top for some other art or style of making a picture?

Yes. When I lived in Italy, one time the head of the art department came out to see me and was so impressed with the work that he brought in a bunch of people to have a tour of our studio. I was very nervous but the rest is history.

What was your highlight in photography?

When I lived in Italy, the trip was one of my favorite things ever! I loved traveling because it was unique and different every single time. All the places had their own charm.

What are four photos you would show a client while you were working?

Right now I’m making a

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