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Is a computer, with its large memory, capable at all?

As with any good learning program, the solution to the question depends on the learner. If it can focus, and is ready to solve problems, its results may be superior to those of a novice. But if it can’t sit patiently and take what it is being challenged with, or it gets bored, or it does not seem to understand the problem it is being asked to solve, or it has misjudged the difficulty, then it can do no good to the course.

There are, obviously, many variables, too, and learning to draw will never be just one. If, like me, you wish that I could teach you how to draw on a computer, then I urge you to consider a different approach.

First of all, when you do draw, you must be willing to move on. When they did the practice problems for the first round of my ‘drawing’ course, they were all done on an old school 8″ x 10″ graph paper, on a computer with no sound, no screen or background noise. This was fine for me at the time. Now I prefer the practice problems at least a bit to be played on video, with video or digital images as backgrounds. My goal, which is usually the same as yours, is always to move on to the next problem. In that way I have learnt more about how to learn a new skill, rather than simply learning the skill.

Another difference is that I have spent over 25 years at it. Although I have also been a teacher of various kinds, this is my personal passion and the time I spend doing this I never get to share with the students I work with. This, of course, is understandable: if I were to take the time to teach and tutor them, they would be the ones who would get the most out of it and would take greater interest in drawing.

In this section of the site you can see an interactive drawing programme. If your eyes are tired or you have no interest in video, you can download it for free. It is available to those aged 16 or above via a link that you can find below.

A large percentage of those who have a special interest in learning to draw will not have to look any further. They probably already have this in their minds. If not, you can use the online drawing programme. If that is not feasible or time-consuming, or if they prefer a more traditional

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