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I’m learning to sketch it with my mind, so there’s a lot of times where I have to give up and just go, “Well, this is not right at this moment,” and start moving on with my idea. But sometimes what you don’t say is what you really mean. Like, “I wanted to do this in color, but this will be a bit of an issue.” This is such a common problem that people are going on about, and the only thing they’ve found is they’re just not that good at drawing color, they’ve given up, and they don’t have the confidence to go back and get better. They just want to try something, and they get discouraged.

I think one of the most common problems that people run into is just a lack of confidenceā€¦ I’ve had people who say, “Well, I just drew the whole thing, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful!” And I’ve had people that have said, “This color is just a nightmare, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it with this color for that type of material.” But people can go to other people and ask them, and they’ll put them up on a poster, they’ll get the colors off of the website, and, sometimes, they’ll be able to color it and then turn it in. Then suddenly, it just starts to look so good!

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So I guess the second thing to do is just make sure the idea is solid. Not necessarily something you can just give up in a moment. You know, it’s great for people to say, “I don’t know how to do this!” You know?

Mitch: Yeah. “I don’t know how to color this.” You know if you have some experience with it, it’s just good to have an opinion. If you don’t have some experience, or you don’t know how to go about it or you’re not sure, just get it out of your head. Just make sure that you know where you are and what you’re doing because there’s so many people that don’t know how to do it. So maybe it’s just for a month. Maybe it’s just a month, and then it’ll work itself out.

I think it’s just about being willing to work for it, and being patient enough to not only make it come together, but then going back and trying it again. So, the other thing that people don’t do, is they don

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