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No. When you become a Certified Online Trainer, you are officially certified to teach and conduct instruction for your profession. This certification and documentation may only be used by instructors or trainers who have registered an entity with the National Registry of Online Certified Teachers.

The National Registry of Online Certified Teachers is the exclusive database maintained by the American Council on Teacher Excellence for the registration of entities that have entered into a contract with the Council or its affiliates in order to conduct instruction on or through a web site or similar interactive service. This allows for verification of the authenticity of any instructor’s certificate issued with or without certification verification in any other system.

To verify your certification, a registration fee is charged at the time the certification is issued.

Note: The above information has been updated to reflect that online certification is valid for the period of the registration fee.

What is not registered?

If there are discrepancies between the certificate that you are currently required to sign and the certification you are currently certified to teach, you should immediately contact your employer, teacher union, school district, private school district, college, or another provider of certified teacher training. Be certain to complete all of your information before the error is found and your certificate not returned.

In some cases, you may find that you cannot obtain certification because you have failed to provide complete information about the position or program you are attempting to become certified, or where your certification is valid in another district. In such cases, the appropriate state board may inquire into your status to determine whether you are eligible to receive the certification.

This information, if any, is subject to change based on the requirements of the states listed in the list below.
















North Carolina


New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

South Dakota State Board of Education

Florida State Board of Education

Rhode Island Department of Community Education

Georgia Department of Educational Services

Maine Board of Education

New Hampshire Board of Education

District of Columbia

North Carolina Commission on Teacher Education

South Carolina Higher Education Commission

North Dakota

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