Is painting easier than drawing? – Free Online Art

And what does someone have to give up to paint a model?

I can’t go anywhere without a little bit of paint on, the other hand in the beginning it was a struggle to see the lines on most of the models. Asking people to use a mouse and mouse pads was more common.

Once I got around 3.5 or four models made and got into painting them I noticed how easy it was. You can just paint. The model itself isn’t the challenge, the challenge is to show good painting techniques. It takes time and patience to perfect them.

The key to an excellent model is a good painting technique, there are a number of things which are needed if you hope to achieve a satisfactory result. In particular, the face will need a high quality coat of paint. If a model has a little ‘scratchiness’ when you paint, that can be reduced by using very soft and light coats of paint. I know people who work at painting models in a ‘damp’, sandpapered wood. It helps but is hard to control the flow of paint into the skin.

The arms and legs need an even higher quality of paint. If you are a very fast model painter, you get some of the most ‘surgically perfect’ models you will ever see. That is a real ‘honeymoon effect’. Once people get used to the style, they start to see the real beauty of the model. The most impressive thing about the model is how well it all goes together in the painting. This is when paint works on your model like magic. It is the best compliment I can give a model.

Once the painting is done and you have finished your models, you have made sure you have painted the entire painting surface. A final touch is to clean off the excess paint, especially the ‘glowing’ area, by wiping at the base of the model. To do this properly, I take a sponge, a piece of wood or plastic and a clean rag. I sweep away all paint where I wipe the surfaces. You can do this in one go as quickly as you can. If you are lucky you will have finished the edge of the model only.

There is no need for more than a couple of coats, just a good thin one. Use it liberally, because if you use too much of a thin coat of paint it will have a glossy finish. Make sure if it is glossy before you apply to the model.


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