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You should be using a different medium, especially one that will allow you to draw quickly and accurately. If you’re drawing with watercolors, you should have a brush set and watercolors to use.

When you’re drawing, you have to stop and think and do something other than your typical drawing motions. You must draw with good speed as well as a smooth draw, because you will have to transfer your idea from your mind to your illustration medium without any errors. If you don’t have a decent speed and a smooth drawing process, you won’t have the right confidence because it will be impossible to transfer what you’ve drawn.

A new poll confirms the obvious: Donald Trump’s candidacy is at historic lows.

A survey by ABC News conducted Monday and Tuesday shows the GOP front-runner’s support in the polls hitting historic lows in several key states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas and Iowa.

And the latest poll shows no changes in the way the Republican front-runner views his support.


The poll released Monday night found that just 28 percent of registered voters nationwide have a favorable opinion of Trump while 70 percent view him unfavorably.

A whopping 85 percent of those polled in the Badger State view Trump unfavorably, with 47 percent viewing him favorably.

In contrast, the same poll found 63 percent of people polled in Iowa view Cruz, while just 23 percent view Trump unfavorably.

And the new poll shows that while just 14 percent of respondents statewide view Trump favorably, he has a strong favorability rating in the state — with 54 percent of respondents viewing him positively.
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Cruz also comes out with a strong favorable rating of 46 percent in Minnesota, which is also where the poll was conducted.

And the poll found that only 35 percent of those surveyed in Washington and Minnesota view Trump favorably.

In Texas, only 30 percent view Cruz favorably — while 61 percent view him unfavorably.

Clinton leads among registered voters nationally by a whopping 51 percent.

A Fox News poll released Monday found Sanders on 42 percent and Trump at 39 percent.

The poll was conducted after a debate in New York, where Sanders hammered Trump over his statements on ISIS.

This time, the two guys who ran the New York Mets — Bill Hall and Sandy Alderson — had to find a way to make it work, which is why they were not afraid to take huge risks to come up with a potential plan.

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