Is painting easier than drawing?

Well, that’s a very big question to answer. There really is no perfect way to paint. You have to understand your own limitations and make sure you can do it. You can learn an awful lot or very little from painting, and that’s just kind of how it is. What is clear is that we’re very much still learning and getting better, but that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I need to expand the canvas of perception by having people see the same things I do.

What about the future in art and photography is exciting and exciting?

It’s exciting and exciting to see and see what we can do with digital and the new technology. It also provides a lot of new places as we continue to explore the world, and the way we explore and perceive the world, is very, very different from what it was like 30 years ago. There’s still a lot to find right now and many more things that will reveal itself as technology continues to evolve.

You’re doing a residency at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Kunstmuseum in Munich, too. What do you think is missing in the museum realm?

It’s really amazing to be here and see some of the work we’ve already done there at the museum. It really is fantastic. I’m excited about the work that’s on display in these museums, and then of course I’m excited to go work with the artists in Munich at its Kunstmuseum, where I’ve been collaborating with Renate Seibert for some years – I’m very excited about being there. It’s such an exciting place and so exciting to be in right now, being at it, and seeing its potential for art is really a great thing. 2018-03-04T19:01:31Z https://sparketh ...
So what is your favorite studio environment you have ever been in?

Oh it’s kind of hard to pick one, but I’m very excited about the new museum that’s going to open soon, but also the Kunstmuseum in Munich, which I love a lot. I’m thrilled about the two of them. The museum that’s opening this summer is really amazing – the installation “The Museum of Art in the Time of Art,” and then I’ve been working at the Kunstmuseum for the last few months working on some of the work that was on view during last year’s show. I can’t wait to finally do the installation and go home for the summer and see people, and go home and think about what I need