Is skillshare worth the money?

Skillshare doesn’t work just for the rich and famous. Most businesses use it to get a new person in their office.

When you apply for a new position, recruiters have a limited time to decide whether to offer you a new job. That’s why they might turn their eyes to skills like coding, social media, or customer service. But hiring someone who doesn’t have any real world experience may seem like an awful thing to say, so recruiters often turn a blind eye.

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Here’s the thing. If you have skills that would make you a great employee, you should be able to apply for whatever position you need — they are worth the money regardless.

You probably shouldn’t be looking at paying yourself for the things you’ve already done or have mastered. Those things should be covered in a salary proposal you send to prospective employers.

So far, I’ve only been talking about salary negotiations. When you’re dealing with other people in the business world, you need to be prepared to do your research on what skills you’ll bring to a job that needs a new employee. That means you should probably make sure you make the person at the hiring company at least slightly interested in you and your skills before you send them an offer.

In fact, most people who work for employers send just the right type of documents to cover your skills and that is an effective way to show up on a list of potential candidates. A professional resume is not just a resume. It’s a detailed, thought-out, fully-informed description of the skills, responsibilities, and education you’ll bring to a job.

Are you interested in learning how to market yourself?

If you’ve always wanted to market yourself as a professional or have never done so because of any personal or professional insecurity, there’s no reason not to learn how to do so to an extent.

To start, get to know the basics of the different job search tactics you’ll use to land a new job — for example, the type of ad that would get you to the bottom of your search before you go to the interview. (I’ll also cover this in future sections.)

Learn to find the best ways to get noticed.

Learn to market yourself to those who are interested in you through your professional and social channels.

Start writing job offers by using a checklist of the type of jobs that are most important to you, how you could get the best job, and tips on how to