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It depends.

Some players, whether at the bottom or top of the skillshare curve, are playing because they love it. They love being able to get up in the morning and know exactly what and when they need to go to work. It’s about the process, not about the end result when they get to work. But a lot of it is because they know how important it is to do well on tests.

Some players, whether at the top or the bottom of the skillshare curve, are playing to do well on tests. They know that a strong showing on the test is crucial to their future.

The money you make isn’t about how hard you work. It’s about how much you earn. Some people pay for their skills because the job itself is valuable, and some people pay to have a reliable income so they can do it.

One question that’s always come up in the community is “If I’m good, how do they know I’m good?” I think the answer is that it was always true for some players. If a person is really good, it’s because their system understands that that person is really good.

But sometimes things happen that don’t make sense. Someone gets better faster than anyone else, or someone is more talented than everyone else. If a great person were to get a better job, or a great player were to gain a higher salary, there would be a fair amount of bias in the rankings.

So we should be a bit more suspicious. That’s why I think a few people have been questioning this skillshare, especially in my forums.
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That’s why, this week on Testosterone, I am putting the question to all of you. This is our last chance for a community discussion in this forum, and we are going to do it in private.

Here’s the way we’ll run that discussion on Testosterone:

1. Ask every person who is in the top 50 at the end of the week what their favorite skillshare score was. Why is it their favorite skillshare score? How many games can they play that score? What factors are they most concerned with when they play that skillshare score?

2. Send out an email to all of you asking for a score so that people can vote. At least four people who are in the top 50 will have to vote. You can rank on skillshare and voting, if you want to.

3. This will be

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