Is udemy a safe site? – Art Classes For 7 Year Olds

a: We are all friends. And our members are the kind that are the nicest, most polite people to interact with, because of that, so we don’t find anybody that is hostile to us. Also we don’t even have any ads. We only ask for donations because of the small cost per month to keep the servers running:

q: How do I send some money to you?

a: You can mail the address at your account details. We will send you something by mail, so if it’s for your birthday, for example, the month of March, let us remember that address.

q: How do I contact the group on Twitter?

a: You can follow @a_s_n_s_s_m on Twitter. You can also email us on the Contact tab ([email protected])

q: Where do you host your servers?

a: We have our own dedicated machines: a server in USA, and a server in Germany (server in Hamburg)

q: What is your membership fee?

a: There is an annual fee of €9,95, and it allows you to enjoy your membership in the online SOS community.

Q: How do I get online access to your server?

a: First you just need to send us the information at the contact email address of our account and we will start to work on it on our own.

Q: What if the server is not running at that time and you are not able to access it?

a: Please contact us at the contact email address: [email protected]

Q: I don’t want to subscribe to the SOS-community on another website, and I don’t want to have a separate browser, do you have any other alternative?

a: You can use any software that uses the SRS-web engine, such as:

1. You can use a different browser such as Firefox, so you can not be bothered about how to access the SRS-community.

2. You can use a search engine without being bothered about what search engines are available.
Music and How to Make Musical Instruments Lessons ...

3. I find it hard to see ads, or I’m a member of a non active community, do you have any alternative?

A: There doesn’t seem to be an alternative, so we suggest to start using SRS-web for your websites.


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