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In the last four years the number of types of photography and video art has gone from just three to 12. You can think of these more like artistic genres, and they also cover a range of different mediums. The two main types are: 1. Videography, and 2. Photography. It is common for video art to have a different tone of colour. You can think of this as an influence from film-making, and film-making can have a number of different tones of colour, depending on the colour palette. For some people, it’s a natural way for them to express themselves with painting.

The most popular type of film photography, if I remember correctly, are the “flat, neutral black-and-white” techniques, which are often produced using a camera that does not “roll”. It’s the camera that is pointing at the scene, and the subjects that are lit in just these three colours: black, white, and grey.

When we are talking about black and white, the common technique is “wipe” – this usually requires a black backdrop, and then, with a flash, colour is thrown into the light source. A camera without flash is a real “vintage” camera: in the mid-1920s the Kodak had the same camera you see in Kodachrome today, but they had removed the flashes altogether, and the camera was painted by hand.

These techniques are called flat black-and-white for the reason the black and the white are erased.

Another thing to note about flat-black-and-white is that they are generally very slow camera and sound production, since many films look almost like a still-life, even though they are, in fact, still-life films with the same amount of movement. (If you do the same thing with a slow-motion TV show, it usually looks much faster). There is a technique, which involves changing the frames of black and white film – but in practice it’s only useful in special occasions.

In short, the flat-black-and-white photography can be used for various kinds of painting.

There are also a lot of black and white paintings that still come in different ways. For example some do the “sculpture” effect which has an artist paint all the pieces one by one, and make the piece look like it’s being carved from the earth. Other paintings are very “art”y, and try to combine old-school photographic techniques together

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