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With just five weeks before the Iowa caucuses, CNN released a poll today that found that Donald Trump is still leading the race for delegates for the Republican nomination. In a head to head matchup against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Trump received 27.7% of the vote from Iowa caucus goers and Clinton got 20.3%. It is no surprise that Trump is leading his rivals because he is beating Clinton by 19 points and Sanders by 12!

Now a few things to note here with these results. One is that a majority of Iowa caucus goers, including me, say that they are still supporting Trump despite his offensive remarks toward women, Mexicans and Muslims. Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway explained to CNN, “Trump has a path to get back into the lead.” What remains to be seen is if he can keep getting support from Iowa caucus goers like he did in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Second, if Trump can continue to garner support from those who are not very enthusiastic about his candidacy, his numbers could drop. Third, it is possible that Cruz and Kasich will continue to pull ahead among their supporters. Fourth, if Trump can’t get a big lead in Iowa while also pulling away in New Hampshire and South Carolina, he could face some issues on his way to a long road towards the nomination.

The CNN poll was conducted from September 25 through October 8 among 607 Iowa caucus goers who were questioned live on landlines and cell phones. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

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