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I was very reluctant to put my entire life and career on hold to get certification…but I did. That’s why I wanted this page to tell everyone what a great opportunity the certification is to me. I could use a certified professional right now — or if I had just one day, I know every day I’m going to be getting a little better.

I’m in the “professional” field with my practice — with a lot of people who know what they’re talking about, but I also know I could use a professional right now, or if I have just one day.

So if the industry needs someone like you (or one of my other students), you need to take a look at my certification. If you need help, there are also other opportunities available for people who want to work in their field.

“The goal is to be the next big thing, and, you know what, we are the most exciting team in this league today. I look out there and think, ‘I have a job to do right now.’ There’s a lot of pressure to be doing well for this team and also to help make the team a whole team.”

In this episode I talk with Daniel Gertner of the new podcast and website Tons of Awesome. We cover our initial excitement, our impressions of the project, the challenges around bringing Tons of Awesome to life and much more.

The video and mp3 files can be found at https://www.tonsofawesome.com/podcast/

The next-gen, PlayStation®4 Pro, was announced today in a video featuring Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House and Sony Computer Entertainment America President Jack Tretton.

House and Tretton have been talking about the new system as a way of promoting high-end games, and that’s something the PS4 Pro is going to take advantage of.

Trotton added: “When you’re creating the best experiences with the system, every little bit counts. You don’t want to wait while the games are playing. You don’t want to wait so that the graphics are perfect. You want that amazing, beautiful graphics. And it’s all possible with the next-gen PS4 Pro.”

The new PS4 Pro includes 4K resolution support and will start at $399. The console is scheduled for a December release.

For more games to play on the new system, check out GamesBeat’s roundup of some of the best

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