What skills do you need to be a painter? – Online Art Lessons For Students

What are the requirements to be a painter (at least professionally, not just in class)? Also, are there any rules?


The requirements for being a painter are very high.

A great deal of thought should go into the requirements, including

the size of the business and the skill set it needs.

Where is the business located? Does it need a physical office? A warehouse? Also, there should also be at minimum a staff of three or more. What kind?

A professional paintbrush may not be required. However, a good painting system that produces detailed work must be available, preferably an affordable one.

There must be an office that is comfortable and is a safe place to work.

You must be able to drive to and from work. (Please take the opportunity to ask how much it costs to drive to a client site or pick up a client’s work.)

Your boss is expected to know and be familiar with the program.

You must be willing to travel from location to location.

You will need a good sense of humor! You need to be a serious thinker and able to think about your work.

How do you know if you can be a professional painter?

A recent article in a paint store, for instance, says:

“A professional painter can be found in most neighborhoods, with or without paint and without being a native. Anyone can be a painter.

And most of us know a few who have been at it for many years. There is a huge need in the community for professionals at the level of specialist to provide the painting services we enjoy, but do not want to learn. But, there is an increasing demand for people who can do that more easily and can do it effectively. This is very good news for people who desire to pursue a career as a professional painter.”
Thrive Art School, Seattle, USA, May 2020

It is important to know that a job for painting is also a job for you and for your spouse. It is more than just painting for you. (But what about painting for your boss? What about getting a position as a painting instructor? Or even, for the many more jobs out there, painting for a job waitinglist? You may have very good luck finding a good paintbrush for one of these reasons. Just ask your clients).

A professional will be an asset to your group and will have an excellent reputation. As you progress through the career, you can expect additional skills and experience

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