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There are many ways that a dog walker can work from home and not have to give up their responsibilities as a public servant. The dog walker does not have to be a lawyer or to have degrees in government and public administration or even a license to operate a vehicle. Even when working from home a dog walker can earn a salary or even a salary-earning part-time job as a part time employee.
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For example, in the United Kingdom there are numerous organizations for dog owners and pet owners to get involved in as part of the Dog Care Network, a free resource provided by local dog walkers. The Dog Care Network can help dog owners and pet owners make more informed choices for dog walkers who want to work part-time. The Dog Care Network helps dog owners and pet owners to set up a website for their pets and helps guide members, with the help of an experienced dog walker, through their responsibilities as a dog owner.

In England a number of dog walker associations exist and these organizations are located right within local councils. The Dog Care Network in Great Britain consists of members of the Greater London Council and the Cheshire Council. Dogs walkers can be members of these Dog Care Network dog groups and get a discount at many dog shops. Members can also be on dog walking clubs. Members of the Dog Care Network can take advantage of their discounts on the best dog walks in London and elsewhere. Dog Walkers Association member clubs work with the Dog Care Network and can set up dog walking clubs in the areas where they are members. Some clubs can get their members engaged into dog walking groups. For example, the Dog Care Network has a dog walking club in Northumberland as a way of bringing those who would like to work as dog walkers into dog walking groups. Dog walking clubs may also have a list of dogs that need help. The Dog Care Network dog walkers can find out what they can do to help.

Dogs cannot walk for profit in certain parts of the United Kingdom, so many dog owners rely on their dog walker. It is not possible to earn money from the dog walking profession at all. The Dog Care Network provides members with information on how to set up dog walking clubs as well as on how to get involved with local dog walking clubs. The Dog Care Network has its own website ( where dog owners can get help from their dog walker.

Why can’t the dog walker work from

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