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What if a walker was an inexperienced person? I’ve written on it before in regard to the dog walker versus guide worker dilemma.

I know I should be able to be a dog walker, and I want to do it. Here’s a few tips:

Know your dog’s habits before you plan your walk and how to address them.

Know what is normal walking behavior for that dog. This will help you and guide workers get the right balance.

Be very specific. Some dogs do well with only one handler. Others love both people and dogs! Don’t be afraid to ask: “If I have a walker who has never done this before, what do I want to ask them?”.

Know what you stand as a walker and guide worker. Some are more experienced and can help you more easily navigate around complex situations.

Do your homework! Don’t just guess what a dog does because you’ve read a book on them. There’s no substitute for doing research and training.

In conclusion…

I realize these are some general tips to help you get started with dog walkers and guide workers and make it easier for you. But there are others out there that are just as important. One of them is to look at your dog’s behavior in a way that supports your own belief system. That way you’re thinking like a guide who cares about your dog’s well-being and not some other one. But we all need time for that to occur and that’s why we have time management.

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