Can I be a dog walker without experience?

I am trying to find this information because I am not comfortable with just walking around looking for people. I am the only person in the neighborhood who walks dogs and a dog walker.

I am currently searching for these answers to my questions. Please do help me with this!

1) Where I need to begin?

2) Can I train myself to be a dog walker? (Can I even teach myself the basics? If that’s your question.)

3) Is teaching my dog the English language a good idea?

4) Can I walk my dogs with a cane?

5) Why is it better for me to walk my dog without the cane? What’s the difference?

6) Is it better to be pet sitting, standing, or walking dogs?

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7) Why should I get a dog walker/charter to help train my dog?

8) Can an occasional walk with my dog be enough to keep my dog off my mind? For me it’s not.

9) How will I know when my dog is comfortable?

10) What are some good books that go more into detail than just the list above?

11) Is it more challenging with children? And if so how do I deal with such situations?

12) Can I teach my dog to walk on a leash?

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