Can I make and sell dog food?

Yes, but only if you can show us that your pet was treated so that they received a quality product at the highest possible cost.

We also need to have proof of proper handling, training and cleanliness.

If you don’t have a proof of these, you can still try your luck by emailing:

[email protected] or you can come down to the office on Saturday or Sunday to demonstrate that you had a perfect day, took care of your dog or cats properly and that there are no signs of illness.

Can I have pet supplies shipped to me? Can you help me find the best deals?

Some of our products may be available for delivery directly from us but the delivery service may take up to 3 weeks to process the order. Our shipping fee is $35 for each item and delivery will take one hour. Thank you for your understanding.

What kind of dogs should I get?

Pet Age | Pet Age
We don’t provide a specific recommendation on dogs, we simply like dogs with a sweet disposition and loving personalities. Our dog foods fit this description just fine. If you are looking for a specific dog breed, do a simple search on Amazon.

Do I need any special care for my dog?

Your dog will need the same care as a dog that you will bring in with you. However, you will likely want to take them to the emergency shelter or to a veterinarian to obtain a medical examination for rabies shots. We will be happy to provide any dog care services.

My animal doesn’t look healthy or energetic. What should I do?

No concern. We think our products are healthy and delicious and are good for your pet. We would not recommend feeding your pet any other foods as they might be not as nutritious as ours. If your dog is healthy and well, you are ready to start eating!

If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] and have us address them to our team:

Contact person

Lorie Beers – Director, Public Affairs

Maeve Fritsch – Senior Food Consultant

Robyn McVernon – Assistant Food Consultant

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